Demo videos of the amplifiers
and a video by Axel Heilhecker, owner of a dem Gladius AVT 18.
AVT 18 Axel Heilhecker

Demo videos by Thomas Blug

GLADIVS Amplifier

GLADIUS Amplifiers

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Loudspeaker Cabinets
  • LCO112AW This small cabinet meets the highest requirements and even has really fat basses at room volume. Like the big Gladius cabinets, it was also very important to cover a great harmonic frequency range.
  • LCO112BW Just like the LCO112AW (slanted version), this 1x12" offers the same harmonious sound spectrum, only with a slightly extended bass response. Use stacked with LCO112AW or solo.
  • LCO212A The 100% hand-built 2x12 LCO212A is perfect for voluminous blues or rock of the late '60s and early '70s. Although extremely light weight, it produces a 3-dimensional sound, even at low volunes
  • LCO212AW Open back version of the LCC212AW
  • LCO212C Smaller open back 100 W cabinet with two speakers
  • LCC212AW The idea was to build a closed 2x12" cabinet that sounds like the classic 4x12", but with a lighter weight.
  • LCC412AW 4 x 12” The Gladivs 4x12” cabinet has become the benchmark on the market as being the smallest, lightest and best sounding 4x12”.
  • Option: ‘Mono-Stereo Mode’ - The Cabinet will be equipped with two input jacks. This enables the player to use the speakiers separately.

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